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The Arab World and Western Intelligence

Analysing the Middle East, 1956-1981

Dina Rezk

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The untold story of Western intelligence in the Middle East

Have Western experts fundamentally failed to understand the dynamics, leaders and culture of the Middle East?

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  1. Orientalism and Analysis
  2. Formation of the United Arab Republic
  3. Revolution in Iraq
  4. Syrian Secession
  5. Yemeni Civil War
  6. The Six-Day War
  7. The War of Attrition
  8. First Impressions of Sadat
  9. The Yom Kippur War
  10. The Aftermath of Victory


About the Author

Dina Rezk is Lecturer in Middle Eastern History at the University of Reading. She received her Ph.D from the University of Cambridge in 2013, where she also completed her undergraduate degree, and subsequently spent two years at the Politics Department in Warwick University in September as a Teaching Fellow in Intelligence and Security.


An insightful re-evaluation of American and British engagement with the Middle East between the Suez crisis and the Yom Kippur war and, at a more theoretical level, an important contribution to our understanding of the cultural dimensions of intelligence history.

- David Reynolds, University of Cambridge

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