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The Agamben Dictionary

Edited by Alex Murray, Jessica Whyte

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Agamben’s vocabulary is both expansive and idiosyncratic, with words such as ‘infancy’, ‘gesture’ and ‘profanation’ given specific and complex meanings that can bewilder the new reader. Bringing together leading scholars in the field, including Steven DeCaroli (Goucher College, Baltimore), Justin Clemens (University of Melbourne), Claire Colebrook (Penn State) and Steven DeCaroli (Goucher College, Baltimore) the 150 entries explain the key concepts in Agamben's work and his relationship with other thinkers, from Aristotle to Aby Warburg.


Introduction: The Lexicographer and the Sovereign, Alex Murray and Jessica Whyte
Entries A-Z
Further Reading
Notes on Contributors.

About the Author

Alex Murray is a lecturer in twentieth-century literature at the University of Exeter and publishes widely in nineteenth and twentieth century English Literature, as well as critical theory. He is the author of, most recently, Giorgio Agamben (2010) and is a founding editor of Parrhesia: a Journal of Critical Philosophy.

Jessica Whyte is Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis at the University of Western Sydney. She has published widely on contemporary European philosophy and political theory, and is the co-editor of the Theory and Event Symposium "Form of Life: Giorgio Agamben, Ontology, Politics", 2010.


This is not yet another dictionary listing keywords so as to provide quick access to a philosopher's work. Rather it is a dictionary that justifies its form by referring to Giorgio Agamben's own idea of language.

- Alexander García Düttmann, Goldsmiths, University of London

This welcome resource will help students and readers of Giorgio Agamben appreciate the cohesion of the Italian thinker’s contribution to the history of philosophy. Agamben’s terminology was often in a language other than English, but the contributors herein have worked masterfully to provide English approximations and examples in English from Agamben’s writings ... Not only are the succinct, attributed entries a pleasure to read, they are also addictive, they are so well cross-referenced ... Summing Up: Highly recommended.

- R. A. Champagne, Trinity University, Choice

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