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The Advance of African Capital

The Growth of Nigerian Private Enterprise

Tom Forrest

Hardback (Printed to Order)

Combining ethnographic and historical perspectives, this study is the most detailed, most extensive account of medium- and large-scale African business yet published. It examines the strategies and patterns employed by business people from the colonial period to the present day and provides profiles of Nigeria's key entrepreneurs. Not only a valuable digest of business activities, this important study also challenges existing views about African enterprise and is highly relevant to policy-makers concerned with economic development.


A mine of information about many of the individuals who have played important roles in Nigeria's domestic economy as well as its international trade... For active businessmen as well, here is an opportunity to gain substantial insights into ways in which business is carried out in Nigeria.
This informative andscholarly book provides an extremely important account of recent Nigerianeconomic history. [..] I found this book very interesting and useful. Itis certainly well worth acquiring, and can be recommended to historians,economists and po
An admirably researched and important study which will be of intersetto development economists and historians alike.S E Stockwell, Kings College London, African History.

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