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The 3 Estaites

The Millennium Version

Alan Spence, Angus Calder


The 3 Estaites is - by common consent - Scotland's greatest play.

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About the Author

Alan Spence is one of Scotland’s leading poets and playwrights. His publications include Glasgow Zen (2002), Seasons of the Heart (2000), Stone Garden (1997), The Magic Flute (1997) and Its Colours They Are Fine (1996).

Angus Calder is an academic writer, historian and literary editor.


A compact, performable, modern version… Not only hilarious in itself but matches stroke for stroke the inherent bawdiness of Lindsay’s script… A condensed version that loses nothing.
This 21st century retelling of Sir David Lindsay’s political satire was snappy, funny and downright irreverent… The use of modern Scots made it accessible to all.
The magnum opus of Scottish Renaissance drama… Alan Spence’s newly updated script simultaneously illuminates Lindsay’s groundbreaking achievement in marrying vernacular language with sophisticated verse forms, while at the same time adding yet more weight to the assertion of Scots’ expressive dynamism and eloquence as a language for literary drama.
Alan Spence has shawn us, aince and foraye, at 'Ane Satyre' is still a leivin, dirlin pley at can speik ti modren Scots i thair awn leid an tak tent o thair pressin concairns juist as it did in the 16t centurie. We awe Spence oor aefauld thenks.