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Teaching Transatlanticism

Resources for Teaching Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Print Culture

Edited by Linda K Hughes, Sarah R Robbins

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An essential resource for teaching 19th-century print culture in Transatlantic Studies

The 18 chapters in this book outline conceptual approaches to the field and provide practical resources for teaching, ranging from ideas for individual class sessions to full syllabi and curricular frameworks.

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Introduction (Linda K. Hughes and Sarah R. Robbins)
I. Curricular Histories and Key Trends
On Not Knowing Any Better
(Susan M. Griffin)
Transatlantic Networks in the Nineteenth Century (Susan David Bernstein)
Rewriting the Atlantic: Symbiosis, 1997-2013
(Christopher Gair)
II. Organising Curriculum through Transatlantic Lenses
Anthologising and Teaching Transatlantic Literature (Chris Koenig-Woodyard)
“Flat Burglary”? A Course on Race, Appropriation, and Transatlantic Print Culture (Daniel Hack)
Dramatising the Black Atlantic: Live Action Projects in Classrooms (Alan Rice)
III. Teaching Transatlantic Figures
The Canadian Transatlantic: Susanna Moodie and Pauline Johnson (Kate Flint)
Frederick Douglass, Maria Weston Chapman, and Harriet Martineau: Atlantic Abolitionist Networks and Transatlanticism’s Binaries (Marjorie Stone)
‘How did you get here? and where are you going?’: Transatlantic Literary History, Exile and Textual Traces in Herman Melville’s Israel Potter (Andrew Taylor)
Americans, Abroad: Reading Portrait of A Lady in a Transatlantic Context (Sandra Zagarell)
IV. Teaching Genres in Transatlantic Context
Making Anglo-American Oratory Resonate (Tom F. Wright)
Genre and Nationality in Nineteenth-Century British and American Poetry (Meredith McGill, Scott Challener, Isaac Cowell, Bakary Diaby, Lauren Kimball, Michael Monescalchi, and Melissa Parrish)
Teaching Transatlantic Sensations (John Cyril Barton, Kirstin Huston, Jennifer Phegley, and Jarrod Roark)
Prophecy, Poetry and Democracy: Teaching through the International Lens of the Fortnightly Review (Linda Freedman)
V. Envisioning Digital Transatlanticism
Transatlantic Mediations: Teaching Victorian Poetry in the New Print Media.(Alison Chapman)
Digital Transatlanticism: An Experience of and Reflections on Undergraduate Research in the Humanities (Erik Simpson)
Twenty-first-Century Digital Publics and Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Public Spheres (Tyler Branson)
VI. Afterword
Looking Forward (Larisa S. Asaeli, Rachel Johnston, Molly Leverenz, and Marie Martinez)

About the Author

Linda K. Hughes, Addie Levy Professor of Literature at TCU, specializes in the intersections of 19th-century gender, genre, and publishing history, including transnational circulation. Co-editor of A Feminist Reader: Feminist Thought from Sappho to Satrapi (4 vol., Cambridge UP, 2013) and author of The Cambridge Introduction to Victorian Poetry (2010), she won the biennial British Women Writers Association Award for scholarly contributions and mentoring (2012), and several TCU teaching awards.

Sarah Robbins, author/editor of seven books, is Lorraine Sherley Professor of Literature at TCU, where she teaches American literature and transatlantic and cross-cultural studies. Before coming to TCU, she served as founding director of a National Writing Project site in Georgia, where she earned the Governor’s Humanities Award for programs including the National Endowment for the Humanities-funded “Domesticating the Secondary Canon,” “Making American Literatures,” and “Keeping and Creating American Communities.”


[A] very accessible guide.
- Forum for Modern Language Studies, 51:4
Offers a cornucopia of material for teachers and students of transatlantic studies.
- Corinna Norrick-Rühl, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, SHARP News
This collection provides frameworks through which to do powerful work in English classrooms by reorienting students to think beyond the nation as a literary category and to deploy transatlanticism as a method that interrogates the formation and deployment of the concept of the nation-state across both time and space.
- Danielle Skeehan, Oberlin College, ALH Online Review, Series VII

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