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Teaching Language and Promoting Citizenship

Mairin Hennebry-Leung, Angela Gayton

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Examines the relationship between language and citizenship in teaching

  • Draws on theory from the fields of Education and Applied Linguistics
  • Combines theory, worked examples and practical activities
  • Examines curricula and practices from Finland, Ireland, England, Spain, France and Hong Kong
  • Draws on specific examples from China, The USA, South Africa and The Philippines

This book explores the relationship between language education and citizenship through theoretical and pedagogical lenses, examining existing language education provision in the context of the needs of today’s learners and societies. The robust analytical framework developed in the opening chapters provides the foundation for a range of practical suggestions for making the integration of language and citizenship a dynamic reality in the classroom.

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Chapter 1: Understanding Citizenship from the national to the cosmopolitan

Chapter 2: Theorizing the relationship between language and citizenship

Chapter 3: Multilingualism and citizenship

Chapter 4: Motivation, Language and Citizenship

Chapter 5: Language and Citizenship in the Curriculum

Chapter 6: Understanding Language learning and Citizenship education in context

Chapter 7: Cosmopolitan Citizenship and English Language Teaching

Chapter 8: Teacher education for language and citizenship

Chapter 9: Teaching Citizenship in the Language Classroom

Chapter 10: Drawing implications for policy and practice


About the Author

Mairin Hennebry-Leung is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong.

Dr Angela Gayton is an Associate Tutor (TESOL) at the Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership, University of Edinburgh

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