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Talking Renaissance Texts

Essays in Honor of Stanley Stewart: Ben Jonson Journal Volume 16

Edited by Jeffrey Kahan, M. Thomas Hester

For over four decades, Stanley Stewart has been a major voice in Renaissance literary studies. Stewart has explored the imagery of religious verse, re-examined the categorical implications of 'major' and 'minor' poets and playwrights, and pioneered the use of Wittgensteinian analysis in literature. Still more recently, he has proven to be an adamant and intelligent defender of the traditions and wisdom of humanistic study and criticism. These essays in his honour rely upon Stewart’s methodological approaches to examine literary and philosophical texts in their contexts. Contributors include: R. V. Young, Arthur F. Kinney, Robert C. Evans, Grace Ioppolo, John Mulyran, Sara van den Berg, Paul J. Voss, Richard Harp, Cyndia Susan Clegg, Scott F. Crider, Tom Clayton, John Channing Briggs.


Preface: Acknowledgments
Talking Renaissance Texts: A Foreword
Introduction: The Work of Stanley Stewart
1. Reading 'more wit' in Donne and Catullus, M. Thomas Hester
2. Donne's Catholic Conscience and the Wit of Religious Anxiety, R. V. Young
3. George Herbert's Early Readers, Arthur F. Kinney
4. The Monckton-Milnes Manuscript and the 'Truest' Version of Ben Jonson's 'A Satyricall Shrubb', Grace Ioppolo
5. 'Shakespear wanted Arte': Questioning the Historical Value of Ben Jonson's Conversations with Drummond, Jeffrey Kahan
6. 'The Primrose Way to the Everlasting Bonfire': The Choice of Hercules in Shakespeare, Jonson, and Milton, John Mulryan
7. Full Sight, Fancied Sight, and Touch: Milton's Sonnet 23 and Molyneux's Question, Sara van den Berg
8. Catholicism in Print: Tudor Books in the Douay College Museum at St. Edmund's, Paul J. Voss
9. Proverbs, Philosophy, and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and King Lear, Richard Harp
10. Othello's Tragedy and Uncommon Law, Cyndia Susan Clegg
11. Eloquence Repaired: Thomas Wilson's New Myth of the Origin and Nature of Oratory, Scott F. Crider
12. Meter and Meaning in Shakespeare: A Modest Suggestion, Tom Clayton
13. Romeo and Juliet and the Cure of Souls, John Channing Briggs
14. 'Despair Behind, and Death Before'
Comparing and Contrasting the Meditative Sonnets of Anne Vaughn Locke and John Donne, Robert C. Evans
Bibliography of Stanley Stewart

About the Author

Jeffrey Kahan is Professor, Department of English, University of La Verne.

M. Thomas Hester is Professor, Department of English, North Carolina State University.