Studies in Persian Architecture

Bernard O'Kane

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Curates a selection of key articles by Bernard O’Kane that combine analyses of Persian monuments with overviews of the central elements of Iranian architecture
  • Studies monuments and architecture from the Greater Persian world, from the borders of Iraq to those of China
  • Situates the monuments within their social and political contexts
  • Includes important buildings from previously under-studied periods
  • Includes over 300 photographs, many published in colour for the first time

This lavishly illustrated volume – with many images previously unpublished in colour – collects 25 articles by Bernard O’Kane on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Persian architecture in its widest sense. His analyses range from historiography and tilework to the development of the domes of Iranian mosques. He covers the buildings of the major medieval dynasties – the Seljuqs, Ilkhanids and Timurids – as well as the formerly neglected monuments of the Chaghatai, Muzaffarid, Kartid and Jalayirid dynasties and Uzbek monuments in Afghanistan.

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  20. ‘Salǧūk Minarets: Some New Data’, Annales Islamologiques 20 (1984), 61–84.
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  25. ‘The Madrasa al-Ghiyāsiyya at Khargird’, Iran 14 (1976), 79–92.
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Bernard O’Kane is Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo. He is the author of Timurid Architecture in Khurasan (1987), Studies in Persian Art and Architecture (1996) and Early Persian Painting (2003); and the editor of Treasures of Islamic Art in the Museums of Cairo (2006).

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