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Strategy in War and Peace

A Critical Introduction

Aaron Edwards

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A lively introduction to the practical application of strategy in war and peace

Strategy is a central concept in international security, and one that travels across the academic disciplines of politics, international relations and history. By why is it so important? Aaron Edwards unpacks key strategic episodes from world history and politics to help readers to understand the role of strategy and the scholarly and policy debates surrounding it.

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  1. What is Strategy?
  2. Ends and Means in Strategy
  3. The Practical Application of Strategy
  4. Strategy, Ethics and Restraint in War
  5. Strategy and the Utility of Force
  6. The Role of Strategy in Ending Wars and Building Peace
  7. Strategy Redux?


About the Author

Aaron Edwards is Senior Lecturer in Defence and International Affairs at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He is author of Mad Mitch’s Tribal Law: Aden and the End of Empire (Mainstream Publishing, 2014), Defending the Realm? The Politics of Britain’s Small Wars since 1945 (Manchester University Press, 2012), A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party (Manchester University Press, 2009), co-author (with C. McGrattan) of The Northern Ireland Conflict: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld Publications, 2010) and co-editor (with S. Bloomer) of Transforming the Peace Process in Northern Ireland (Irish Academic Press, 2008).


'Strategy', a much used, yet misunderstood, and frequently misapplied term in international politics is a theme well worth unpacking and exploring. Strategy in War and Peace offers a clear, accessible and incisive road map through this often foggy terrain.

- M.L.R. Smith, King’s College London

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