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Strangers and Traders

Yoruba Migrants, Markets and the State in Northern Ghana

Jeremy Eades

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In the inter-war years, groups of enterprising Yoruba traders from a few towns in Western Nigeria established a successful trading network throughout the Gold Coast (Ghana). Then, in 1969, they were abruptly ordered to leave the country. At the time of the exodus, Jerry Eades followed the traders back to Nigeria. There, on the basis of extensive interviews and archival sources, he reconstructed the history of the migration from four Yorubu towns to northern Ghana. The result is one of the fullest and most detailed accounts of chain migration and its implications for economic development ever written.


An important and useful contribution...should beconsidered must-reading for all those who seek to obtain a betterunderstanding of trade and informal sector labour markets and theirrelationship to ethnicity, economic development and state policies in Ghana
Well-written and highlyinformative … this study is highly recommended to any Africanist who is interested in trade and migration.
It will be of interest to a wide audience ofanthropologists, economists, political scientists and politicians.Social Anthropology.

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