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Standard Written English

A Guide

Philip Gaskell

Paperback (Printed to Order)

This book is a clear and concise guide to written English. It is a manual which explains, using numerous illustrative examples, a form of the English language which is both distinct and common to the whole of the English-speaking world: 'Standard Written English' (SWE). The first part concerns the elements of the English language: vocabulary, grammar, usage and so on. Common mistakes are described, and 'cures' are offered. Then Part II shows how these elements can be put together in the formal written language. Parts III and IV contain entertaining examples of SWE in actual use, with commentaries. Part III follows the work of four notable stylists. Part IV is a collection of fifty case studies in the useof the language, arranged by subjects such as 'Autobiography', 'Journalism', Literary Criticism', and 'Technology and Computing'. The book ends with an article on the history of the English language by the lexicographer R W Burchfield, and an annotated bibliography. Standard Written English is a one-stop guide for anyone who finds themselves having to write, or express themselves, in clear, plain English.

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At last, a book on how to write clearly and effectively which shows us by example.
- Gail Wylie, Centre for Continuing Education, University ofEdinburgh.