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Special Affects

Cinema, Animation and the Translation of Consumer Culture

Eric Jenkins

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Examines the translation of classical Hollywood into Disney’s feature films from a Deleuzian perspective

Special Affects retells the emergence of Disney animation and classical Hollywood cinema from the perspective of affect and the embodied modes of generating affection. The emergence of these media enables new modes of perception that create ‘special’ sensations of wonder, astonishment, marvel and the fantastic. Such affections subsequently become mined by consumer industries for profit, thereby explaining the connection between media and consumerism that today seems inherent to the culture industry. Such modes and their affections are also translated into ideology, as American culture seeks to make sense of the sociocultural changes accompanying these new media, particularly as specific versions of American Dream narratives.

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List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. Astonishment and the Fantastic in Live Action Cinema
3. Say Cheese! The Cinematic Lifestyle Consumer
4. Animation’s Marvel and the Graphic Narrative Mode
5. Of Mice and Mimesis: The Wondrous Spark of Disney
6. Mutual Affection-Images and Daydreaming Consumers
7. The Disney Version of the American Dream
8. Walt and Wall-E in Control Society
Movies Referenced in Special Affects
List of Illustrations

About the Author

Eric S. Jenkins (Ph.D. University of Georgia) grew up in the suburbs in Dallas, Texas, developing a distaste for consumerism and a simultaneously love for all things media like videogames and movies. Subsequently, he studies the interconnection between media and consumerism, with an emphasis on the modes of mediated consumption and their affective capacities. Disney animation was both a first love (of media) and a first hate (of consumerism).

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