Spanish Erotic Cinema

Edited by Santiago Fouz-Hernandez

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The first comprehensive scholarly study of Spanish erotic cinema, from the 1920s until the present day

This book covers a significant part of the history of Spanish film, from the 1920s until the present day. Starting with a study of the kiss in silent films, the volume explores homoerotic narratives in the crusade films of the 1940s, the commodification of bodies in the late Franco period, and the so-called destape (literally ‘undressing’) period that followed the abolition of censorship during the democratic transition.

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Introduction: One Hundred Years of Sex.
1. The Colour of Kisses: Eroticism and/as Exoticism in Spanish Film Culture of the 1920s and 30s. Eva Woods-Peiró.
2. Impressions of Africa: Desire, Sublimation, and Looking ‘Otherwise’ in Three Spanish Colonial Films. Brad Epps.
3. The Desarrollismo Years: The Failures of Sexualised Nationhood in 1960’s Spain. Annabel Martín.
4. Sexual Horror Stories: The Eroticisation of Spanish Horror Film (1969-1975). Antonio Lázaro-Reboll.
5. Undressing Opus Dei: Reframing the Political Currency of Destape Films. Jorge Pérez.
6. Middlebrow Erotic: Didactic Cinema in the Transition to Democracy. Sally Faulkner.
7. Revisiting Bigas Luna’s Bilbao: the Female Body-Object. Carolina Sanabria.
8. The Male Body in the Spanish Erotic Films of the 1980s. Alejandro Melero.
9. Sonorous Flesh: The Visual and Aural Erotics of Skin in Eloy de la Iglesia’s Quinqui Films. Tom Whittaker.
10. Masochistic Nationalism and the Basque Imaginary. Rob Stone.
11. Erotohistoriography, Temporal Drag and the Interstitial Spaces of Childhood in Spanish Cinema. Sarah Wright.
12. Sex After Fifty: The ‘Invisible’ Female Ageing Body in Spanish Women-Authored Cinema. Barbara Zecchi.
13. Boys Interrupted: Sex between Men in post-Franco Spanish Cinema. Santiago Fouz-Hernández.

Through detailed analyses and a wide diversity of theoretical angles, this book provides a rigorous re-examination of the presence and progression of erotic cinema in Spain, acknowledging and celebrating its political and commercial impact in society. It is likely to become an indispensable reference for the study of Spanish cinema.

Isolina Ballesteros, Baruch College and Graduate Center of CUNY

This collection of essays will clearly constitute a necessary reference for anyone studying Spanish erotic cinema. It should also be of great interest to all Spanish film scholars as it encourages us to look at familiar films, directors and actors in a new light. Moreover, it prompts readers to explore the wide range of what on-screen eroticism can express (discursively, symbolically, visually, aurally) and do (affectively, didactically), in addition to highlighting its crucial importance in the history of Spanish cinema and society.

Jesse Barker, Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas

With an ambitious scope and a roughly chronological coverage of a wide range of periods and mostly mainstream film genres (from 1920s Spanish film culture to the feminist cinema and queer male auteurs of the twenty-first century), Spanish Erotic Cinema is a distinctive landmark at the intersection of studies of sexuality and the body in Spanish Film Studies.

Belén Vidal, Studies in European Cinema
Santiago Fouz-Hernández’s edited collection on Spanish erotic cinema is a timely and ground-breaking contribution to the field of Spanish film studies in particular, and Film Studies in general, through its coverage of the ‘erotic content in Spanish cinema from the silent period until today.
JULIÁN DANIEL GUTIÉRREZ-ALBILLA, Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies
Santiago Fouz-Hernández is Professor in Hispanic Studies at Durham University. He is the author of Cuerpos de cine (2013) and, with Alfredo Martínez-Expósito, Live Flesh. The Male Body in Contemporary Spanish Cinema (2007). He is also editor of Mysterious Skin. Male Bodies in Contemporary Cinema (2009), co-editor of two other volumes and editorial board member of Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas. Currently he is preparing a monograph on Spanish filmmaker Bigas Luna.

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