South Asian Atlantic Literature, 1970-2010

Ruth Maxey

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The first major interpretation of recent South Asian diasporic writing in specifically transatlantic terms

Ruth Maxey offers readings of canonical and less well-known South Asian American and British Asian texts and key cinematic works. She explores the formal and thematic tendencies of the works, relating them to gender politics, the marketplace, and issues of literary value and historical change. The book engages with established debates, while intervening in new ways in transatlantic studies, postcolonial literary studies and Asian American cultural studies.

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Introduction: Framing South Asian Writing in America and Britain, 1970-2010
1. Home and Nation in South Asian Atlantic Literature
2. Close Encounters with Ancestral Space: Travel and Return in Transatlantic South Asian Writing
3. Brave New Worlds? Miscegenation in South Asian Atlantic Literature
4. 'Mangoes and Coconuts and Grandmothers': Food in Transatlantic South Asian Writing
Conclusion: The Future of South Asian Atlantic Literature

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Ruth Maxey's research methodology exhibits rigor in its comparative analysis of sensitive topics in the many works of fiction and several films under examiniation. This work provides readers with unbiased discussions of controversial issues related to race, discrimination and identity.
Mitali P. Wong, Claflin University, Journal of American Studies, 48
Maxey's learned, comprehensive reading of South Asian diasporic writing through the lens of the transatlantic - attending to the critical balance between aesthetic modes, culture, history, and politics - enacts a crucial paradigm shift in contemporary theory by challenging many of the paradoxes of current approaches to postcolonial and Asian American studies.
Professor Rocío G. Davis
Calling for rethinking South Asian diasporic writing as an Atlantic phenomenon, this book boldly challenges the black-white framework that has dominated transatlantic studies and the South Asia-centrism that has dominated diaspora studies. A comprehensive and pioneering study of South Asian American and British Asian literature and film that will reorient future scholarship.
Susan Koshy, Associate Professor of English and Asian American Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ruth Maxey is a Lecturer in Modern American Literature in the School of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham. She has published articles on postcolonial literature, Edwardian writing, and contemporary British and American fiction. Her work has appeared in Textual Practice, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Kenyon Review, MELUS, Journal of the Short Story in English, Orbis Litterarum and South Asian Review. She also contributed a chapter on Monica Ali to Neil Murphy and Wai-chew Sim (eds.), British Asian Fiction: Framing the Contemporary (Cambria Press, 2008).

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