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Solidarity Across Divides

Promoting the Moral Point of View

George Vasilev

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Addresses the conceptual and practical challenges surrounding the promotion of solidarity in divided societies

George Vasilev argues against critics who claim that group-representative measures are incompatible with solidarity. Instead, he explains how they provide the incentive structure needed for inter-ethnic cooperation. By looking beyond the representative institutions of the nation state, Vasilev shows us how NGOs, international institutions and opinion leaders are becoming increasingly important in cultivating inter-ethnic openness.

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1. Non-essentialist Solidarity
2. Three Models of Coexistence
3. Group Entitlements and Deliberation
4. Transnational Advocacy Networks and Conditionality
5. In-group Deliberation and Integration
6. Consensus Across Deep Difference

About the Author

George Vasilev is Lecturer in Political Theory in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies at La Trobe University, Melbourne.


George Vasilev’s book rescues the politically abused and theoretically neglected concept of solidarity and shows how solidarity may come about in the unlikely context of ethnically deeply divided societies. It engages political theorists interested in principles as well as those with pragmatic concerns about desirable political outcomes. Vasilev writes in a lucid and accessible style and deserves to be read widely.
- Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute, Florence
George Vasilev offers a refreshing perspective on the challenges of managing population diversity in divided societies. On the basis of philosophical reflection, he offers the notion of solidarity as a normatively appealing and policy-relevant basis for considering how plural societies can bridge the divides that impede their peaceful development.
- Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham

Solidarity Across Divides is an essential read for both deliberative and agonistic democrats, scholars of multiculturalism and anyone interested in the core questions of political philosophy and wanting to see how these questions come to play out in modern, complex and divided societies.

- Selen A. Ercan, University of Canberra, Political Studies Review

Provocative, clearly written, and well-argued. It will be of great interest to researchers working on divided societies, solidarity and deliberative democracy.

- Nadim Khoury, University of Tromsø , Contemporary Political Theory

Solidarity across Divides is a nice contribution to a growing literature on solidarity and conflict resolution studies. There seems to be no shortage of conflicts, and their complexity offers ever-new challenges. Vasilev offers a compelling invitation to continue to look for paths to solidarity.

- Sally J. Scholz, Villanova University, Perspectives on Politics

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