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Simply Philosophy

Guided Readings

Edited by Brendan Wilson

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Here is an anthology with a difference. Covering all the central areas of philosophy in sixty varied readings, it nevertheless provides a compact and accessible source book.

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Aristotle - on scientific knowledge
Francis Bacon - on scientific method
David Hume - on the concept of a cause
Karl Popper - on induction
Hilary Putnam - against Popper
Paul Feyerabend - on scientific method
BF Skinner - on behaviourism
CS Peirce - on reality and truth
Bertrand Russell - on sense-data
Rudolf Carnap - on the argument from analogy
AJ Ayer - on other minds
Norman Malcolm - on other minds
Colin McGinn - on the mind/body problem
William James - on the reality of the mind
Paul Churchland - on the unreality of thoughts
Peter Strawson - on determinism
Norman Malcolm - on determinism
Daniel Dennett - on determinism
Max Black - on causality
Frederick Dretske - on the reality of meaning
Thomas Hobbes - on human nature
Immanuel Kant - on duty
Jeremy Bentham - on utilitarianism
Thomas Nagel - against utilitarianism
GEM Anscombe - on 'ought' and 'should'
Galileo Galilei - on perception
Rene Descartes - on doubt
John Locke - on knowledge
Hilary Putnam/Noam Chomsky - on innate ideas
George Berkeley - on Idealism
Thomas Reid - against scepticism
Immanuel Kant - on causality
David Hume - on miracles
Bertrand Russell - on knowledge
L Jonathan Cohen - on empiricism
John Locke - on language
Gilbert Ryle - on Mill's theory of names
Ludwig Wittgenstein - on naming
Saul Kripke - on naming
Hilary Putnam - on language
WV Quine - on language
Plato - on universals
John Searle - on computer 'understanding'
Roderick Chisholm - on perception
AJ Ayer - on perception
Gilbert Ryle - on perception
Thomas Reid - on ideas
JB Watson - on behaviourism
Thomas Nagel - on qualia
JJC Smart - on mind/brain identity
Hilary Putnam - on functionalism
FH Bradley - on truth
Michael Dummett - on anti-realism
7. GOD
Norman Malcolm - on the ontological argument
Thomas Aquinas - on the existence of God
Anthony Kenny - on teleology and design
Anthony Flew - on religious belief
Ludwig Wittgenstein - on religious belief
Soren Kierkegaard - on the 'absurdity' of belief
WH Newton-Smith - on metaphysics in cosmology
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About the Author

Brendan Wilson is Professor in the Graduate School of Language and Information Sciences at the University of Tokyo (Komaba).


Wilson's idea of an approachable anthology that takes its extracts as 'living' philosophy is admirable ... There is no question that the book will meet the needs of many an introductory Philosophy course. The brevity and quantity of the selections is nearly unique in the field.
- Douglas Burnham, University of Staffordshire
An admirable and up-to-date selection ...Wilson selects and guides the reader to the relevant material. This means that a wide range of material can be covered in a shorter compass ... A well-conceived introductory course in philosophy.
- Colin Lyas, University of Lancaster