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Shakespearean Maternities

Crises of Conception in Early Modern England

Chris Laoutaris

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This study explores maternity in the 'disciplines' of early modern England. Placing the reproductive female body centre-stage in Shakespeare's theatre, Laoutaris ranges beyond the domestic sphere in order to recuperate the wider intellectual, epistemological, and archaeological significance of maternity to the Renaissance imagination.

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Introduction: Constructing Maternal Knowledge
1. Flesh and Stone: Dissecting Maternity in the Theatre of Anatomy
2. The Cabinet of Wonders: Monstrous Conceptions in the Theatre of Nature
3. Strange Labours: Maternity and Maleficium in the Theatre of Justice
4. Speaking Stones: Memory and Maternity in the Theatre of Death
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About the Author

Chris Laoutaris is a British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University College London. He is currently working on a biography, The Queen's Soldier: The Life and Works of Elizabeth Russell (1528-1609).