Scottish Women

A Documentary History, 1780-1914

Esther Breitenbach, Linda Fleming, Karly Kehoe, Lesley Orr

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A sourcebook illustrating the experience of Scottish women from 1780-1914

Drawing on a wide range of source materials from across Scotland, this sourcebook provides new insights into women’s attitudes to the society in which they lived, and how they negotiated their identities within private and public life.

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Readers’ Guide
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Bodies, Sexuality and Health, Linda Fleming
Chapter 3: Hearth and Home
Linda Fleming
Chapter 4: Work and Working Conditions, Esther Breitenbach
Chapter 5: Crime and Punishment, Immorality and Reform, S. Karly Kehoe
Chapter 6: Religion, Lesley Orr
Chapter 7: Protest and Politics, Lesley Orr
Chapter 8: Empire Experiences and Perspectives, Esther Breitenbach.
This is a superb collection, destined to be widely used. Especially distinctive and valuable is the presentation of women’s experiences almost entirely in their own words for the study of the nation’s past
Elizabeth Ewan, University of Guelph
The range and rich variety of texts authored by women should prove a revelation to many readers, and challenge common stereotypes of women's place in Victorian society.
Karly Kehoe, History Scotland: Vol.13 No.6
Dr Esther Breitenbach is Honorary Research Fellow in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh. Previously Research Fellow in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh, she has held research and teaching posts in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology since 2007.

Dr Linda Fleming is currently Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include the social and cultural history of nineteenth and twentieth century Scotland.

S. Karly Kehoe is Professor of History and Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. Prior to coming to Saint Mary’s, she lived and worked in Scotland. She is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a member of the Global Young Academy and the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, and an alumna of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Young Academy of Scotland. Her work concentrates on Scottish and Irish Catholic settlement and colonisation in the north Atlantic, but she is also interested in sustainable development and rural change in Nova Scotia and the Scottish Highlands.

Dr Lesley Orr is a feminist historian and activist. She has held teaching and research posts at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and is currently an Honorary Fellow at the School of Classics, History and Archaeology, University and Edinburgh. She has served as a member of the steering committee of Women’s History Scotland.

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