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Scottish Women's Gothic and Fantastic Writing

Fiction since 1978

Monica Germanà

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Monica Germana considers four thematic areas of the supernatural - quests, dangerous women, doubles and ghosts - each explored in one of the four main chapters. Being the first critical work to bring together contemporary women's writing and the Scottish fantasy tradition, the volume pioneers in-depth investigation of some previously neglected texts such as Ali Smith's Hotel World; Alice Thompson's Justine; Margaret Elphinstone's longer fiction, as well as offering new readings of more popular texts including A.L. Kennedy's So I am glad, Emma Tennant's The Bad Sister and Two Women of London. Underlying the broad scope of this survey are the links - both explicit and implicit - established between the examined texts and the Scottish supernatural tradition.

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1 Introduction
2 Quests and Other Worlds
3 Witches, Demon Lovers and Female Monsters
4 Doubles: Bodily Duplications and Schizoid Selves
5 Ghosts: Dissolving the Boundaries
6 The Death of the Other?
Appendix: Genealogies in Sian Hayton's trilogy

About the Author

Monica Germanà is Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Her research concentrates on contemporary British literature, with a specific emphasis on the Gothic and gender. Her publications include Scottish Women’s Gothic and Fantastic Writing (Edinburgh University Press, 2010) and Ali Smith: New Critical Perspectives (Bloomsbury, 2013) co-edited with Emily Horton. She is currently working on a new monograph called Bond Girls: Body, Dress, Gender (Bloomsbury).