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Scottish Education


Edited by T. G. K. Bryce, W. M. Humes, D. Gillies, A. Kennedy

Edition: 4

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4th edition of the bestselling guide to Scottish Education

This 4th edition of Scottish Education takes account of an important political milestone in Scotland’s history: the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. The text looks at that closely in the context of education, reflects on the very considerable changes which have taken place since devolution in 1999, and incorporates a wealth of contemporary research evidence and scholarly analysis. Featuring some 60 new authors, the latest edition contains forthright and informed commentary on every aspect of education and is essential reading for anyone who needs to know how education ‘works’ in Scotland. The final section looks to the future, offering thoughtful critical assessments of the educational landscape ahead, whether in an even more devolved Scotland or an independent European state.

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Part I: Introduction and Overview
1. An Introduction to Scottish Education, Fourth Edition: Referendum, Tom Bryce and Walter Humes
Part II: Policy and Provision In Scottish Education
2. Educational Provision: An Overview, Ian Smith
3. The 3–18 Curriculum in Scottish Education, Mark Priestley
4. Scottish Primary Education: Philosophy and Practice, Claire Cassidy
5. Scottish Secondary Education: Philosophy and Practice, Tom Bryce and Walter Humes
6. Learning in Scottish Schools, Tom Bryce
7. Scottish Further Education, Craig Thomson
8. Scottish Higher Education: Character and Provision, Walter Humes
9. Policy Making in Scottish Education, Walter Humes
10. The Politics of Scottish Education, Donald Gillies
11. The Independent Sector, Alasdair Roberts
12. Alternative Forms of Schooling, Helen E. Lees
13. The Distinctiveness of Scottish Education, Walter Humes and Tom Bryce
Part III: The Administration and Control of Scottish Education
14. The Political Administration of Scottish Education, 2007–12, Morag Redford
15. Scottish Higher Education: Policy and Funding, Simon Jennings
16. The Local Governance of Education, Don Ledingham
17. Education and the Law, Janys M. Scott QC
18. Local Authority Support, Alison Cameron
19. National Curriculum Support: From LTS to Education Scotland, Bill Boyd
20. HMIE as an Executive Agency, 2001–11, Chris McIlroy
21. The Parent Dimension in Education, Eileen Prior
Part IV: The Historical and Cultural Context of Scottish Education
22. The History of Scottish Education, pre-1980, Robert Anderson
23. The History of Scottish Education, 1980 to the Present Day, Donald Gillies
24. Shared Destiny: National Identity, Culture and Education in Modern Scotland, George Kerevan
25. Gaelic Education, Boyd Robertson
26. The Scots Language in Education, Liz Niven
27. Catholic Education in Scotland, Stephen J. McKinney
28. Education and Work, Andy Furlong
29. Access and Retention, Michael Osborne
30. Citizenship Education, Gert Biesta
31. Sustainable Development Education, Peter Higgins and Alastair Lavery
Part V: Management and Organisation in Schools
32. Childcare and Early Education, Malcolm Wilson
33. Early Schooling, Joan Martlew and Deirdre Grogan
34. Leadership, Management and Organisation in the Primary School, Richard Buchan
35. Discipline, Behaviour and Ethos in Primary Schools, Jackie Ravet
36. Primary–Secondary Transition, Amanda Corrigan
37. Leadership, Management and Organisation in the Secondary School, John Cavanagh
38. Ethos and Behaviour in Secondary Schools, Raymond Soltysek
39. Classroom Management: Working with School Support Assistants in the Primary Classroom, Mike Carroll and Deirdre Torrance
40. Personal Support and PSE in the Secondary School, David McLaren
41. The Scottish Approach to School Improvement: Achievements and Limitations, Chris McIlroy
Part VI: Curriculum: Early Years and Primary
42. Curriculum for Excellence in the Primary School, Lesley Reid
43. Literacy and English, Sue Ellis
44. Modern Languages in the Primary School, Dan Tierney
45. Sciences, Social Studies and Technologies, Frances Simpson
46. Expressive Arts Education, Marie Jeanne McNaughton
47. Mathematics, Effie Maclellan
48. Health and Wellbeing in Primary Education, Monica Porciani
49. Religious and Moral Education, Graeme Nixon
Part VII: Curriculum: Secondary
50. Curriculum for Excellence in the Secondary School, Valerie Drew
51. Art and Design Education, Diarmuid McAuliffe
52. Biology Education, Stephen P. Day
53. Business Education, Brian Reid and Anne Bradley
54. Career Education, Cathy Howieson and Sheila Semple
55. Chemistry Education, Douglas Buchanan
56. Computing and Information Systems Education, Vic Lally
57. Drama Education, Will Barlow
58. English Language and Literature Education, Hugh Gallagher and Linda Harris
59. Geography Education, Clare McAlister
60. Health and Wellbeing in Secondary Education, Monica Porciani
61. History Education, Neil McLennan
62. Home Economics, Karen Bryce
63. Information and Communications Technology, Robert Munro
64. Mathematics Education, Ian Hulse
65. Modern Foreign Languages Education, Dan Tierney
66. Modern Studies Education, Henry Maitles
67. Music Education, Alan Hewitt
68. Outdoor Education, Peter Higgins and Robbie Nicol
69. Physical Education and Sport, Bob Brewer
70. Physics Education, Kenneth MacMillan
71. Religious and Moral Education, Graeme Nixon
72. Science Education, Donald Gray
73. Social Sciences Education, Vincent Oates
74. Technology Education, Robert Doherty
Part VIII: Assessment, Certification and Achievements
75. Assessment in Scottish Schools, Tom Bryce
76. The Scottish Qualifications Authority, Tom Bryce and Walter Humes
77. SQA Findings on Scottish Attainments, Rob van Krieken
78. National Assessments: Improving Learning and Teaching through National Monitoring?, Ernie Spencer
Part IX: Further And Higher Education
79. Liberal, Academic and Vocational Knowledge Education, Roy Canning
80. Teaching and Learning in Further and Higher Education, Christine Sinclair
81. Institutional and Curricular Structures in the Universities of Scotland, John Field
82. Democratic Intellect or Degree Factory? The Changing Civic and Cultural Place of the University in Scotland, George Kerevan
83. The Open University in Scotland, Pete Cannell and James Miller
84. From Adult Learning to Lifelong Learning in Scotland, Rob Mark
Part X: Challenges and Responses: Education for All?
85. Inclusion for All?, Julie Allan
86. Additional Support Needs, Lio Moscardini
87. Psychological Services and their Impact, Tommy MacKay
88. The ‘People’ People: The Many Roles and Professional Relationships of Social Workers, Ian Milligan
89. Community Education and Community Learning and Development, David Wallace and Janis McIntyre
90. Multi-agency Working, Graham Connelly
91. Disaffection with Schooling, George Head
92. Poverty and Schooling in Scotland, Daniela Sime
93. Gender and Scottish Education, Sheila Riddell
94. Religious Intolerance: Sectarianism, Stephen J. McKinney
95. ‘Race’ Equality in Scottish Education, Rowena Arshad
Part XI: Scottish Teachers, Teacher Education and Professionalism
96. The Evolution of Teacher Education and the Scottish Universities, Moira Hulme and Ian Menter
97. Initial Teacher Education, Ian Smith
98. Teacher Professional Learning, Aileen Kennedy
99. Research and Practice, Moira Hulme
100. The Scottish Educational Research Association, Fran Payne
101. Education Journals, Walter Humes
102. Teachers’ Professional Organisations, Larry Flanagan
103. The General Teaching Council for Scotland: An Independent Professional Body, Tony Finn and Tom Hamilton
104. Scottish Teachers, Bill Gatherer
Part XII: Future
105. The Funding of Scottish Education, David Bell
106. Tensions between Central and Local Government in the Administration of Scottish Education, Keir Bloomer
107. Scenarios for the Future of Schooling and Education, John MacBeath
108. The Future of Colleges in Scotland, Craig Thomson
109. The Future of Higher Education, James C. Conroy and Anton Muscatelli
110. Scottish Education from a European Perspective, Sotiria Grek
111. The Future of Scottish Education, Walter Humes, Tom Bryce, Donald Gillies and Aileen Kennedy
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About the Author

T.G.K. Bryce is Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. A former Vice-Dean for Research, his interests are principally concerned with Scottish teacher education and with science education, much of his research output being published in the International Journal of Science Education.

Walter Humes is a Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Stirling. Prior to retirement in 2010 he held professorships at the universities of Aberdeen, Strathclyde and West of Scotland.

Donald Gillies is Professor of Education Policy at York St John University. From 2005-2012 he was Lecturer, and then Senior Lecturer, in Educational Studies at the University of Strathclyde. He is the compiler of A Brief Critical Dictionary of Education, a free online resource available at

Dr Aileen Kennedy is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Strathclyde.

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