Scottish Contract Law Essentials

Tikus Little

Edition: 3

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Your guide to the rules and principles of the law of contract from a Scots Law perspective

New for the Third Edition

  • Updated statutes and cases to reflect changes the changes in legislation and case law since the second edition

The law of contract forms the basis of our civil society. Without the law of contract we could not buy food, clothing or a place to live, nor could we book holidays, run a business or manage a football club. But contract law is complex and intricate, and disputes over contracts have led to a wealth of court cases over the years.

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Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Overview and Definitions
2. Formation of Contract
3. Problems with Contracts
4. Contractual Terms
5. Third Party Rights
6. Breach of Contract
7. Termination of Contract
8. Cross-border Contracts
Note on Reform
Further Reading

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Tikus Little is Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Law at the University of Stirling. She graduated with a first class honours degree from the University of Edinburgh in 1990 and went on to qualify as a solicitor. After working for several years in commercial legal practice, she began teaching at the University of Stirling and became a teaching fellow and then a senior teaching fellow in the Law School. She is the author of Contract Law Essentials Cases and has contributed chapters to student textbooks.

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