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Scots at School

An Anthology

David Northcroft

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What is the defining Scottish experience? The Kirk, Scots Law, Hampden Park? There are several contenders, but school is the universal and enduring one. Stories and myths have clustered around its chief features:

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1. The Tradition of Scottish Education
1750 - 1840
2. School and Society: a People's System?
3. The Lads Who Got On
4. And the Dominies Who Helped Them
5. An Educated People : Images of Scotland
1840 - 1918
6. Crisis in the City
7. Board Schools and Burgh Academies
8. The Country Matters
9. A Terrible Efficiency is Born
1918 - 2000
10. A General Grounding: Primary School Education 1918-65
11. Seniors and Juniors : Secondary School Education 1918-65
12. All Change 1965-85
13. Then and Now 1985-2000
14.The Tradition of the Scottish Education Tradition
Index of People and Places.

About the Author

A retired teacher of English, David Northcroft's last position was as Vice Principal of Northern College of Education (1990-1998). He is currently a Research Associate at the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University. He has written articles for numerous professional journals and is editor of North-east Identities and Scottish Schooling (Aberdeen University Press, forthcoming).


David Northcroft's anthology gives the human dimension from the mid-18th century to the present day, with extracts from the memoirs of teachers, pupils and administrators and well chosen snippets of official documents ... This is an enterprising idea bringing a fresh slant to the telling of Scotland's educational history … Northcroft has mined a fresh seam. The fruits of his labours are accessible to a general reader interested in an important part of post-Union history.
- Willis Pickard
The ace of Scots at School is that it lets the subjects do the talking to give the book its spark of life, while the author provides the historical and professional perspective to give it its depth. It's a clever approach that works beautifully …Scots at School is a magnificent piece of research, assembly and writing, well worth its place as an academic text and as a source to spark memories among the rest of us.
- Norman Harper
That this text has found its way quickly to the popular Scottish history shelves of booksellers is a testament to its ability to entertain as well as inform.
Dr Northcroft has assembled a great deal of fascinating and unfamiliar material, and this should make an original and interesting book. The combination of literary and historical material is especially noteworthy, and the author is well equipped to handle it.
- Professor Robert Anderson, University of Edinburgh