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Scotland's Referendum and the Media

National and International Perspectives

Edited by Neil Blain, David Hutchison, Gerry Hassan

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The Scottish Referendum and its aftermath, viewed from national and international perspectives

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Part One: The referendum in Scotland
1.The Unexpected Campaign, James Mitchell
2. The Media Landscape in Scotland, Neil Blain and David Hutchison
3. Broadcasting and the Press: Some Key Moments, David Hutchison
4. The ‘Community of the Communicators’: The Political Commentariat and the Independence Ref-erendum, Gerry Hassan
5.The Scottish Press Account: Narratives of the Independence Referendum and its Aftermath, Marina Dekavalla
6. Scottish TV Coverage of the Referendum Campaign, John Robertson
7. ‘Liked’, ‘Shared’, Re-Tweeted: The Referendum Campaign on Social Media, Margot Buchanan
8. Sport, Gender and National Identities, John Harris and Fiona Skillen

Part Two: Views from the UK
9.English Television News Coverage of the Scottish Referendum, Andrew Tolson
10. The English Press and the Referendum, Peter Golding and Karen Williamson
11. Wales, Devolution and the Scottish Independence Debate, Sian Powell
12. Our friends across the water: Northern Ireland media coverage of the Scottish Independence Referendum, Anthea Irwin

Part Three: international perspectives
13. ‘Knock on consequences’ - Irish media coverage of the Scottish referendum, Kevin Rafter
14. Spain, Catalonia and the Scottish Referendum: A Study in Multiple Realities, Enric Castelló, Hugh O’Donnell and Fernando León-Solís
15. The French View, Didier Revest
16. The Scottish Referendum in Austrian, German, and Swiss Media, Klaus Peter Müller
17. The Scottish Referendum: the view from Quebec, Catherine Côté
18. The Scotland referendum in the English Language Canadian media, Christopher Waddell
19. Australia and the Scottish independence referendum, Brian McNair

Afterword: Reimagining Scotland in a new political landscape, Neil Blain
Notes on Contributors

About the Author

Neil Blain is Professor Emeritus of Communications at the University of Stirling. His publications include Media, Monarchy and Power (with Hugh O’Donnell), Sport, Media, Culture: Local and Global Dimensions and The Media in Scotland (co-edited with David Hutchison).

David Hutchison has published in the fields of theatre, media policy and journalism. From 2010-2014 he was chair of Regional Screen Scotland. He is Honorary Professor of Media Policy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Dr. Gerry Hassan is Research Fellow in contemporary history at Dundee University. He has written and edited over two dozen books on Scottish and British politics including The Strange Death of Labour Scotland (with Eric Shaw, 2012), Caledonian Dreaming (2014), Independence of the Scottish Mind (2014), Scotland the Bold (2016), and SNP Leaders (edited with James Mitchell, 2016). His latest book is The People’s Flag and the Union Jack: An Alternative History of Britain and the Labour Party (with Eric Shaw, 2019).


‘Highly analytical, concept-driven and data-rich... [this collection] offers real insights into media systems and practices in Scotland, the UK and internationally that will be useful to academic audiences as well as practicing or aspiring journalists. It also provides some excellent discussion of the referendum itself.’

- Peter Lynch, Scottish Affairs

‘This welcome assemblage of papers covers the Scottish referendum from three broad perspectives: first, from within Scotland; second, from the rest of the United Kingdom; and third, from the international arena…The organisation and structuring of the book in this way very much helps its overall coherence, while the individual chapters contribute a series of particular outlines of how the referendum campaign was covered and received and how such issues as nationalism, separatism and identity were represented. Neil Blain, David Hutchison and Gerry Hassan have put together an excellent collection.’

- European Journal of Communication

'This collection offers a considered, often insightful analysis of the role and perceptions of the media during and after the supercharged political atmosphere. The editors usefully bring together three different perspectives on the referendum: 1. Media within Scotland; 2. UK media; and 3. The view from a range of other Western nations. Such an international lens is particularly welcome given that all nations, Scotland included, seek affirmation of their own ideal self-image in a world of other nations… This volume is essential reading for all students of media and Scottish politics in turbulent times.'

- Alex Law , Media Education Journal