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Scotland's Best Churches

John R Hume

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The fascinating variety of Scotland's church buildings is rarely appreciated.

Many are hidden away in remote country areas, or in parts of towns and cities not often visited. Others are critical to the 'sense of place' that makes settlements recognised and loved. In this book, 184 churches still used for worship are illustrated with line drawings and photographs, with pithy texts drawing out where they fit into the fabric of Scotland, and into nearly a thousand years of church construction. Some are well known and widely loved; others will surprise and delight.

About the Author

John Hume taught economic and industrial history at Strathclyde University for twenty years, before moving to Historic Scotland in 1984 where he became Chief Inspector of Historic Buildings. He is the author of seven books on industrial archaeology/history of Scottish topics, several co-authored with Michael Moss, and one book on Scottish architecture. He is now retired (and doing a volume for the Buildings of Scotland series) and holds Honorary Professorships in the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews, is Honorary Fellow of RIAS, and Honorary Vice-President of the Association for Industrial Archaeology.


A panoramic view of 1,000 years of Christianity in Scotland … Hume has approached a huge task with not inconsiderable relish and skill.