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Schelling's Naturalism

Motion, Space and the Volition of Thought

Ben Woodard

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Brings Schelling's theory of nature into dialogue with Analytic and Continental philosophy

Using Schelling’s philosophy, Ben Woodard examines how an expanded form of naturalism changes how we conceive of the division between thought and world, mathematics and motion, sense and dynamics, experiment and materiality, as well as speculation and pragmatism.

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1. The Natural Forge of the Transcendental: The Movement of Thought and the Space of Nature
2. Castles of Ether and Asymptotic Bridges: Kant, Maimon, Schelling, and the Relation of Inner and Outer Sense
3. The Force of the Continuous: Schelling’s Naturalization of Mathematics
4. The Red Threads of the World: Potenzen, Construction, and Inexistence
5. Lamps, Rainbows, Unicorns, and Horizons: Spatializing Knowledge in Naturphilosophical Epistemology
6. Speculative Pragmatism: Traversing the Richtungen of Nature and Thought

About the Author

Ben Woodard is Post-doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Art Theory (IPK) at Leuphana University in Luneburg, Germany. His research focuses on the relationship between naturalism and idealism, especially during the long 19th Century.


A rare piece of philosophising combining exemplary historical sweep with immediate contemporary pertinence.  At the heart of this work, an admirable conceptual archaeology of Schelling’s powers ontology provides the foundation for a claim entirely Schellingian in inspiration yet contemporary in orientation; namely that constructionism, the idealism of our age, furnishes not an alternative to the philosophy of nature, but forms the choreography of nature-philosophising just when philosophising consequently forms it.

- Iain Hamilton Grant, University of the West of England in Bristol

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