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Rum Seljuq Architecture, 1170-1220

The Patronage of Sultans

Richard P. McClary

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Studies the key monuments built for the Rum Seljuq sultans, 1170-1220

This lavishly illustrated volume presents the major surviving monuments of the early period of the Rum Seljuqs, the first major Muslim dynasty to rule Anatolia. A much-needed overview of the political history of the dynasty provides the context for the study of the built environment which follows. The book addresses the most significant monuments from across the region: a palace, a minaret and a hospital are studied in detail, along with an overview of the decorative portals attached to a wide array of different building types. The case studies are used to demonstrate the key themes and processes of architectural synthesis and development that were under way at the time, and how they reflect the broader society.

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List of figures
Series Editor's Foreword
Map: Anatolia in c. 1220
Chapter 1. The Kiliç Arslan II Palace Kiosk in Konya
Chapter 2. The Great Mosque Minaret in Sivas
Chapter 3. Portals: The Development of Decoration and Form
Chapter 4. Izz al-Din Kay Kawus I Hospital and Tomb in Sivas
Chapter 5. Patronage and Meaning
Gazetteer: Tombs, Portals, Minarets

About the Author

Richard McClary is Lecturer in Islamic Art and Architecture at the University of York. He has published in the journal Iran and is contributing chapters to Kadoi (ed.), The Visual World of Persian Culture (EUP, forthcoming) and Blessing and Goshgarian (eds), Architecture and Landscape in Medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500 (EUP, forthcoming).

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