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Rome Season Two

Trial and Triumph

Edited by Monica S Cyrino

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A collection of 17 cutting-edge essays on Rome Season Two Set in the turbulent years after Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, Season Two of the HBO-BBC series Rome lays bare a city shaken by the violent power struggle between Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son and heir, and Mark Antony, his most trusted general, bound in the seductive spell of Cleopatra. Rome Season Two: Trial & Triumph is the first academic volume to explore the second season of this critically acclaimed and commercially successful drama. It brings together seventeen pioneering and provocative essays written by an international cast of leading classical scholars and media critics. Focusing on the series’ historical framework, visual and narrative style, thematic overtones, and influence on modern popular culture, this book also engages with the authenticity of the production and considers its place in the tradition of epic films and television series set in ancient Rome. Both scholarly and entertaining, this volume will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars in Classics and Ancient History as well as Film and Media Studies.

Key Features

  • The only academic volume focused exclusively on Season Two of Rome
  • Showcases both established and up-and-coming international scholars
  • Edited by a leading contemporary scholar in the field
  • Original, cutting edge research in fields of history, politics, gender, film, fan culture
  • Explores the theme of Rome on screen from multiple angles: history, Classics, film studies, reception studies, gender studies, viewer response theory

About the Author

Monica S. Cyrino is Professor of Classics at the University of New Mexico. Her scholarly research centers on the reception of the ancient world on screen. She has published numerous books and articles and often gives lectures around the world on the representation of classical antiquity on film and television. She has served as an academic consultant on several recent film and television productions.


This distinctive and accessible collection of essays exemplifies the enduring fascination that modern representations of Rome hold for both scholars and the wider public. With a detailed study of the second series of this acclaimed TV show as a springboard, the contributors take us on a rich and informative tour of the multitude of ways in which Rome continues to intrigue and entertain. From depictions of ancient sex and drugs to the representation of the iconic Cleopatra, from the complex politics of the Roman senate to the struggles of Roman streetlife, this book covers an impressive amount of ground, and is a valuable addition to our understanding of why ancient Rome continues to matter to the modern world.

- Dr Joanna Paul, Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Open University

This book is a welcome addition to cinematic reception research and opens up one of the most complex productions which the newer antique film has to offer. The variety of presented approaches and topics is impressive and will certainly have a stimulating effect on further studies. Rome, Season Two: Trial and Triumph is a worthy opening of the new series of Screening Antiquity.

- Martin Lindner, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen , Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Clearly aimed, in part, at university courses that deal with Greece and Rome in popular culture, the book’s introduction and seventeen chapters are all admirably clear and straightforward.

- Eric Adler, University of Maryland, Journal of Interdisciplinary History
A stimulating volume which makes a worthwhile contribution to scholarship on the interface between gender issues, media and history.
- Suzanne Sharland, University of KwaZulu-Natal , CJ-Online
There is much more of value and interest to discover in this fascinating, multi-perpective book than be discussed here... A very worthwhile collection and an exemplary instance of doing classical receptions in what has now become know as the 'Golden Age of Television'.
- Christian Rollinger, Universitaet Trier, Thersites

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