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Roman Religion

Edited by Clifford Ando

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This book introduces students to the complex and foreign world of Roman religion and to major trends in its study. Praised in the Enlightenment for its supposed tolerance, it has been vilified for persecuting the early Christians. It professed a profound conservatism and yet received myths from Greece and Asia and gods from every corner of the Empire.

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Introduction: Religion, Law, and Knowledge in Classical Rome
Introduction to Part 1
1. On Comparison Jonathan Z Smith
2. Polis-Religion and its Alternatives in the Roman Provinces Gregory Woolf
Part II Religious Institutions and Religious Authority
Introduction to Part II
3. From Republic to Principate: Priesthood, Religion and Ideology Richard Gordon
4. A Feature of Roman Religion Arthur Darby Nock
Part III Ritual and Myth
Introduction to Part III
5. The Ludi Saeculares and the Carmen Saeculare Denis Feeney
6. Cults, Myths, and Politics at the Beginning of the Empire John Scheid, trans. Philip Purchase
Part IV Theology
Introduction to Part IV
7. The Theological Efforts of the Roman Upper Classes in the First Century BC Arnaldo Momigliano
8. Hierarchy and Structure in Roman Polytheism: Roman Methods of Conceiving Action John Scheid, trans. Philip Purchase
Part V Roman and Alien
Introduction to Part V
9. Religious Toleration in Republican Rome John North
10. A Religion for the Empire Clifford Ando
Part VI Space and Time
Introduction to Part VI
11. Loca Sancta Sabine MacCormack
12. A Complex of Times: No More Sheep on Romulus' Birthday Mary Beard
Part VII Continuity and Change, From Republic to Empire ntroduction to Part VII
13. Roman State Religion in the Mirror of Augustan and Late Republican Apologetics Carl Koch, trans. Christopher Barnes
14. The Historical Development of Roman Religion Georg Wissowa, trans Christopher Barnes.

About the Author

Clifford Ando is Professor of Classics, History and Law at the University of Chicago and Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and World Languages at the University of South Africa. He is the author of Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire (2000); The Matter of the Gods (2008); Law, Language and Empire in the Roman tradition (2011) and editor of Roman Religion (Edinburgh 2003).


Scholarship of a high order
All the work presented is superlative … I highly recommend reading the collection in its entirety as this facilitates full appreciation of the thematic overlap amongst the papers … Ando's sub-topical introductions succeed admirably in articulating important topics and in locating the selected papers within the state of the field ... a challenging, stimulating and worthy book.

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