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Roman Law, Scots Law and Legal History

Selected Essays

William Gordon


A selection of key articles published by W. M. Gordon in the course of his career

W. M. Gordon, who retired from the Douglas Chair of Civil Law at the University of Glasgow in 1999, is well known for his distinguished contribution to Roman law, legal history and land law. He is the author of several books in these subject areas, but it is a mark of his international eminence that much of his prolific output has been published in a wide variety of journals and essay collections outside, as well as within, the UK. This important collection draws together in an accessible format much of his most important writing and, as such, will be in indispensable purchase for all those interested in these core areas of legal scholarship.

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ROMAN LAW: 1 Constitutum Possessorium
2 Acquisition of Ownership by tradition and Acquisition of Possession
3 Dating the Lex Aquilla
4 The Actio de Posito Reconsidered
5 Agency and Roman Law
6 Observations on "Depositum Irregulare"
7 The Importance of the iusta causa of tradition
ROMAN LAW AND SCOTS LAW: 8 Roman and Scots Law - the Conditiones si sine Liberis Decesserit
9 The Interpretation of C 8.55.8
10 Cinus and Pierre de Belleperche
11 Roman Law in a Nineteenth Century Scottish Case: Gowans v Christie
12 Servitudes, Scots Law and Roman Law
13 Roman Quasi-delicts and Scots Law
14 Risk in Sale - from Roman to Scots Law
SCOTTISH LEGAL HISTORY: 15 The Right of Women to Graduate in Medicine - Scottish Judicial Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century
16 Property and Succession Rights
17 George Joseph Bell - Law Commissioner
18 Variation and Discharge of Land Obligations
19 Stair, Grotius and the Sources of Stair's Institutions
20 The Acts of the Scottish Lords of Council in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries: Records and Reports
21 Balfour's Registrum
ROMAN LAW INFLUENCE: 22 Scotland and France. The Legal Connection
23 A Comparison of the Influence of Roman Law in England and Scotland
24 The Civil Law in Scotland
GENERAL INTEREST: 25 Scotland as a Mixed Jurisdiction
26 European Legal History and the Europeanisation of Law
27 Legal Tradition, with Particular Reference to Roman Law
28 Bibliography
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