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Roman Law Essentials

Craig Anderson

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Introduces the key facets of Roman Law and its sources, development and influence on law today

From property to persons, and from actions to succession, Roman Law Essentials is the ideal student guide to Roman Law and its effect on the law of Scotland. Summary sections of essential facts and essential cases will help students remember the key elements of the subject.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Historical Introduction
2.Sources and Development of Roman Law
3. The Law of Persons
4.The Law of Things: Rights in Property
5. The Law of Thins: Acquisition of Ownership
6. The Law of Things: Succession
7. The Law of Things: Contracts
8. The Law of Things: Delicts
9. The Law of Things: Other Obligations
10. The Law of Actions
11. The Reception of Roman Law

About the Author

Craig Anderson is Lecturer in Law at Robert Gordon University.

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