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Robert Bruce

And the Community of the Realm of Scotland

G W S Barrow

Edition: 4


The story of how Robert Bruce outwitted Edward I, the shrewd and ruthless King of England, defeated his son Edward II, and in doing so regained Scotland's independence.

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Maps vii
Abbreviations ix
Preface xi
1. A Kingdom in Perplexity
2. Bruce of Annandale
3. Bruce versus Balliol
4. A Lamb among Wolves
5. Two Kinds of War
6. Experiments in Guardianship
7. The King over the Water
8. Defeat
9. Revolution
10. A King in Search of his Throne
11. The Turn of the Tide
12. Bannockburn
13. War and Peace
14. Good King Robert
The Clergy
The Nobles
The Community of the Realm
15. In Search of Robert Bruce
Notes to Chapters
Genealogical Tables
Table of Dates

About the Author

G. W. S. Barrow was Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography, University of Edinburgh, 1979–92. His books include Feudal Britain (London, 1956); Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland (4th edition, Edinburgh, 2005); The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History (Oxford, 1980 – his Ford lectures); Scotland and its Neighbours in the Middle Ages (London, 1992); and The Kingdom of the Scots (2nd edition, Edinburgh, 2003).


It is described on the dust-wrapper as ‘ the best book on Scottish history ever written ’ . Such hyperbole is rarely deserved; in this case it surely is.
- MICHAEL PRESTWICH, English Historical Review
This towering history set a new academic standard for academic writing.
- Alec Salmond
The best book on Scottish history ever written.
- Gordon Menzies