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Revisiting Star Studies

Cultures, Themes and Methods

Edited by Sabrina Qiong Yu, Guy Austin

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Challenges traditional Hollywood-derived models of star studies

Is classical Hollywood stardom the last word on film stars? How do film stars function in non-Hollywood contexts, such as Bollywood, East Asia and Latin America, and what new developments has screen stardom undergone in recent years, both in Hollywood and elsewhere? Gathering together the most important new research on star studies, with case studies of stars from many different cultures, this diverse and dynamic collection looks at film stardom from new angles, challenging the received wisdom on the subject and raising important questions about image, performance, bodies, voices and fans in cultures across the globe. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from China to Italy, and from Poland to Mexico, this collection revisits the definitions and origins of star studies, and points the way forward to new ways of approaching the field.

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Performing Stardom: Star Studies in Transformation and Expansion--Sabrina Qiong Yu

Part 1: Star Performance
Revisiting Performance: Nicole Kidman's Enactment of Stardom – Pam Cook
Film Stars in the Perspective of Performance Studies: Play, Liminality, and Alteration in Chinese Cinema - Yingjin Zhang

Part 2: Star Voices
‘Speaking in a Forked Tongue’: Anna May Wong’s Linguistic Cosmopolitanism — Yiman Wang
Song Taxonomies: Indian Popular Cinema’s Territories of Stardom – Kiranmayi Indraganti

Part 3: Stars and Ethnicity

Whitewashing the Dreamgirls: Beyoncé, Diana Ross, and the Commodification of Blackness- Jaap Kooijman
Darsheel Safary: Globalization, Liberalisation and the Changing Face of the Bollywood Child Star – Michael Lawrence

Part 4: Stars and Ageing
‘When Barbara strips off her petticoats and straps on her guns’: Barbara Stanwyck, Maturity, and Stardom in the 1950s and 1960s - Linda Berkvens
Confronting the impossibility of impossible bodies: Tom Cruise and the ageing male action hero movie - Lisa Purse

Part 5: Stars and Audiences
Heroines at the Outskirts of Culture: De-Romanticising Hollywood Queens - Ania Malinowska 
YouTube as Archive: Fans, Gender and Mexican Film Stars Online - Niamh Thornton

Part 6: Aberrant Stardom
In your face: Montgomery Clift comes out as crip in The Young Lions - Elisabetta Girelli
La Diva Bruciata Viva: Le Streghe (The Witches) and the paradoxical stardom of Silvana Mangano – Leon Hunt

Part 7: At the margins of film stardom
‘I want James Deen to Deen Me with his Deen’: The multi-layered stardom of James Deen - Sarah Harman & Clarissa Smith
Celebrity Creatures: The ‘Starification’ of the Cinematic Animal - Stella Hockenhull

About the Author

Dr Sabrina Qiong Yu is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese and Film at Newcastle University.

Professor Guy Austin is Professor of French and Film at the University of Newcastle.