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Resounding Glas

Paragraph Volume 39, Issue 2

Edited by Mairéad Hanrahan, Martin McQuillan, Simon Morgan Wortham

One of Derrida’s most complex, intriguing and challenging texts, Glas is a work of resounding importance for literature, for philosophy, for literature, and for the relationship between the two. This collection of essays, featuring leading scholars in the field, seeks to trace its resonance four decades after its publication.


Resounding Glas
Mairéad Hanrahan, Martin McQuillan and Simon Morgan Wortham

On First Looking Into Derrida’s Glas
J. Hillis Miller

Simon Morgan Wortham

Double Signature
Mairéad Hanrahan

From Deconstruction to Disaster (Derrida, Blanchot, Hegel)
Leslie Hill

Does Antigone stand or fall in relation to Hegel’s master-slave dialectic? A Response to Derrida’s Glas
Tina Chanter

Clarity and Doubt: Derrida Among the Palestinians
Martin McQuillan

Philosophy in Erection
Catherine Malabou

Notes Towards a Discussion of Method and Metaphor in Glas
Geoffrey Bennington

Notes on Contributors

About the Author

Mairéad Hanrahan is Professor of French at University College London. She is Editor of the journal Paragraph.

Martin McQuillan was Professor of Literary Theory and Cultural Analysis at the London Graduate School and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University, London. His recent publications include Deconstruction After 9/11(London: Routledge, 2008) and Roland Barthes, or, The Profession of Cultural Studies (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

Simon Morgan Wortham is Professor of English and Pro Vice Chancellor Dean, Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University.

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