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Republican Democracy

Liberty, Law and Politics

Edited by Andreas Niederberger, Philipp Schink

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Critically assesses conceptions of democracy in different republican traditions

This volume directly engages with the relationship and differences between the key strands in contemporary republican political theory. It brings together leading international scholars representing the most important positions in republican political theory today: neorepublicanism, Kantian republicanism, and populist as well as realist republicanism – the first time that these positions actively engage with each other. It expands upon the foundational principle of republicanism - 'freedom as non-domination' - to articulate new theoretical insights into connections between liberty, law and democratic politics, and a radically new conceptualisation of the meaning and structure of democratic institutions and procedures.

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Introduction, Andreas Niederberger and Philipp Schink
1. The Tension between Law and Politics in the Modern Republican Tradition, Marco Geuna
2. Impotence, Perspicuity, and the Rule of Law: James Madison’s Critique of Republican Legislation, Jack Rakove
3. Kant, Madison and the Problem of Transnational Order: Popular Sovereignty in Multilevel Systems, James Bohman
4. Republicanism and Democracy, John P. McCormick
5. Two Views of the City: Republicanism and Law, John Ferejohn
6. A Kantian Republican Conception of Justice as Non-Domination, Rainer Forst
7. Two Republican Traditions, Philip Pettit
8. Freedom, Control and the State, Philipp Schink
9. Legal Modes and Democratic Citizens in Republican Theory, Galya Benarieh Ruffer
10. Rights, Republicanism and Democracy, Richard Bellamy
11. Republicanism and Global Justice: a Sketch, Cécile Laborde
12. Republicanism and Transnational Democracy, Andreas Niederberger
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About the Author

Andreas Niederberger is Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Duisburg-Essen. His research focuses on cosmopolitan political and legal philosophy and the history of constitutionalist ideas. Recent book publications are Demokratie unter Bedingungen der Weltgesellschaft? Normative Grundlagen legitimer Herrschaft in einer globalen politischen Ordnung (Berlin, New York: Verlag De Gruyter, 2009) and Kosmopolitanismus. Zur Geschichte und Zukunft eines umstrittenen Ideals (co-edited with Matthias Lutz-Bachmann and Philipp Schink, Weilerswist: Velbrück Wissenschaft, 2010).

Philipp Schink is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main. His research focuses on contemporary political, legal and moral philosophy. Recent publications are Kosmopolitanismus. Zur Geschichte und Zukunft eines umstrittenen Ideals (co-edited with Matthias Lutz-Bachmann and Andreas Niederberger, Weilerswist: Velbrück Wissenschaft, 2010).

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