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Renaissance Transformations

The Making of English Writing 1500-1650

Edited by Margaret Healy, Thomas Healy

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Renaissance Transformations: The Making of English Writing 1500-1650 asserts the centrality of historical understanding in shaping critical vision. This collection of distinctive new essays explores the dynamic cultural, intellectual and social processes that moulded literary writing in the Renaissance. Acutely attentive to the complexities that we confront in our attempts to understand the past, this book explores important relations among literary form, material and imaginative culture which compel our attention in the twenty-first century. Addressing three crucial areas at the forefront of current academic inquiry - 'Making Writing: Form, Rhetoric and Print Culture', 'Shaping Communities: Textual Spaces, Mapping History' and 'Embodying Change: Psychic and Somatic Performances' - this innovative, timely volume is of fundamental importance to all those who study and teach Renaissance literature, history and culture.

Contributors are Danielle Clarke, Andrew Hadfield, Margaret Healy, Thomas Healy, Bernhard Klein, Michelle O'Callaghan, Neil Rhodes, Jennifer Richards Michael Schoenfeldt, William Sherman, Alan Stewart, and Susan Wiseman



Margaret Healy and Thomas Healy, Introduction
Section One: Making Writing: Form, Rhetoric and Print Culture
1. Thomas Healy, Playing Seriously in Renaissance Writing

2. Neil Rhodes, Framing and Tuning in Renaissance English Verse
3. Jennifer Richards, Transforming 'A Mirror for Magistrates'
4. Andrew Hadfield, 'Not without Mustard': Self-Publicity and Polemic in Early Modern Literary London
Section Two: Shaping Communities: Textual Spaces, Mapping History
5. Alan Stewart, The Making of Writing in Renaissance England: Re-Thinking Authorship Through Collaboration
6. Michelle O'Callaghan, 'The Duties of Societies': Literature, Friendship and Community
7. Danielle Clarke, Gender, Material Culture and the Hybridity of Renaissance Writing
8. Bernhard Klein, The Overseas Voyage in Early Modern English Writing
Section Three: Embodying Change: Psychic and Somatic Performances
9. Michael Schoenfeldt, Eloquent Blood and Deliberative Bodies: The Physiology of Metaphysical Poetry
10. Margaret Healy, Protean Bodies: Literature, Alchemy, Science and English Revolutions
11. William H. Sherman, Shakespearean Somniloquy: Sleep and Transformation in 'The Tempest'
12. Susan Wiseman, 'A Cat On A Post': Animal Events in Seventeenth-Century Writing

Notes on Contributors

About the Author

Margaret Healy is Director of the Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Sussex. She is the author of Fictions of Disease in Early Modern England: Bodies, Plagues and Politics and is currently completing Shakespeare's Sonnets and 'A Lovers Complaint', Alchemy and the Creative Imagination.

Thomas Healy is Professor of Renaissance Studies and Head of the School of English at the University of Sussex. He is the author of books on Crashaw, Marlowe, and on Theory and Renaissance Literature. He is completing The English Boat: The Poetics of Sectarianism in Early Modern England.