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Religion in Archaic and Republican Rome and Italy

Evidence and Experience

Edited by Edward Bispham, Christopher Smith


David Harvey's persistent challenge to the claims of ethical neutrality on behalf of science and geography runs like a thread throughout the book. He seeks to explain the geopolitics of capitalism and to ground spatial theory in social justice. In the process he engages with overlooked or misrepresented figures in the history of geography, placing them in the context of intellectual history. The presence here of Kant, Von Thünen, Humboldt, Lattimore, Leopold alongside Marx, Hegel, Heidegger, Darwin, Malthus, Foucault and many others shows the deep roots and significance of geographical thought. At the same time David Harvey's telling observations of current social, environmental, and political trends show just how vital that thought is to the understanding of the world as it is and as it might be.

About the Author

Edward Bispham is Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, Brasenose College, Oxford.

Christopher Smith is Professor of Ancient History at the University of St Andrews.


A most stimulating book
this is a book that students of early Roman religion should read thoroughly and carefully. There is much here that is exciting…. The articles in this volume will surely spark dialogue and further research
The contributors have managed to write interesting and innovative chapters, and the book as a whole emerges as a counter to those who have downplayed elements like belief and emotion in the study of Roman religion in recent years."
The articles in this volume are well-written and the authors and editors have evidently taken care to ensure that their work is accessible to the widest possible audience. The majority of the papers contain a convenient appraisal of the current state of research including appropriate theoretical approaches…this is a volume that should be read by anyone with a serious interest in the religious history of archaic and republican Rome."

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