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Regime Change in Contemporary Turkey

Politics, Rights, Mimesis

Necati Polat

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Explores the transformation of Turkey’s political regime from 2002

Turkey has undergone a series of upheavals in its political regime from the mid-19th century. This book details the most recent change, locating it in its broader historical setting. Beginning with the Justice and Development Party’s rule from late 2002, supported by a broad informal coalition that included liberals, the book shows how the former Islamists gradually acquired full power between 2007 and 2011. It then describes the subsequent phase, looking at politics and rights under the amorphous new order.

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Part I: Change
1. What Changed?
2. Run Up to Change
3. Trials
4. Resistance to Change
Part II: After Change
5. Context
6. Gezi Protests
7. Media Engineering
8. Anything Goes?
9. Peace at Home
10. Everyday Atrocities

About the Author

Necati Polat is Professor of International Relations at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, where he teaches on theories of international politics, international law, and the philosophy of social sciences. He is the author of International Relations, Meaning and Mimesis (2012).


'The author defamiliarises the well-worn narrative of the republic to give a nuanced presentation of the underlying dynamics that have changed the face of Turkish politics under the AKP regime. His observations on contemporary geopolitics are incisive and informative.'

- Shane Brennan, co-editor of Turkey and the Politics of National Identity (2014)

'Cogently argued and rich in illustrative detail, this important book eloquently describes the mimetic nature of Turkey’s renewed descent into authoritarianism under the AKP. Essential reading about a country once touted as a democratic model for others to follow.'

- Gareth Jenkins, Senior Fellow, Silk Road Studies Program

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