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Reframing the Alhambra

Architecture, Poetry, Textiles and Court Ceremonial

Olga Bush

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An interdisciplinary study of one of the most important monuments in Islamic art

The Nasrid builders of the Alhambra – the best-preserved medieval Muslim palatial city – were so exacting that some of their work could not be fully explained until the invention of fractal geometry. Their design principles have been obscured, however, by the loss of all archival material. This book resolves that impasse by investigating the neglected, interdisciplinary contexts of medieval poetics and optics and through comparative study of Islamic court ceremonials. This reframing enables the reconstruction of the underlying, integrated aesthetic, focusing on the harmonious interrelationship between diverse artistic media – architecture, poetry and textiles – in the experience of the beholder, resulting in a new understanding of the Alhambra.

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Series Editor's Foreword

Chapter 1. Colour, Design and Medieval Optics
Chapter 2. Addressing the Beholder: The Work of Poetic Inscriptions
Chapter 3. Qalahurra of Y‹usuf I: A Case Study of a Tower-Palace
Chapter 4. "Textile Architecture" in the Cuarto Dorado
Chapter 5. Integrating Aesthetic and Politics: The Mawlid Celebration in the Alhambra
Illustration Acknowledgments

About the Author

Olga Bush (Ph. D., Institute of Fine Arts, NYU) is Visiting Scholar of Islamic art and architecture at Vassar College. She has received national and international awards for her work on medieval Muslim Spain, cross-cultural interaction in the medieval Mediterranean, and modern European and American Orientalism, publishing numerous articles and co-editing, with Avinoam Shalem, Gazing Otherwise: Modalities of Seeing in and Beyond the Lands of Islam (2016).


'This rich and extremely valuable book will change the way we look at the Alhambra. Olga Bush brings together inscriptions, poetry, texts, contemporary optics and poetics and long dispersed luxury objects and furnishings, enabling us to reimagine the architectural spaces of the Alhambra as a living environment. She replenishes its colour, and draws us into its artistic voice and the meanings of its poetry; indeed, into the many languages that the buildings speak, across media, across modes of expression.'

- Jerrilynn Dodds

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