Red Scotland!

The Rise and Fall of the Radical Left, c. 1872 to 1932

William Kenefick

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An excellent resource for teaching and learning, this book explores the rise and decline of left radicalism in Scotland c.1872 to 1932. A journey through these turbulent times observes the response of Scottish artisans to legal restrictions on trade-union activities in the 1870s, trade union formation among the unskilled from the late 1880s, and the origins and impact of the Scottish socialist movement.

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1. Radical Scotland c. 1872 to 1914
Writing Labour and Social History - I: Themes and Contested Issues
2. Industrial Radicalism and the New Unionism c.1872 to 1914
3. Left Radicalism, Labour and Socialism 1872 to 1914
4. Red Scotland c. 1910 to 1932
Writing Labour and Social History - II: Themes and Contested Issues
5. Labour Unrest, 1910 to 1914
6. War Resisters and Anti-conscription
7. War and Revolution and the Scottish Working Class
8. Radicalism in Decline c.1920 to 1932
Epilogue: On Radicalism- And Exporting Scottish Left Radicalism
William Kenefick is Lecturer in Modern Scottish History at the University of Dundee and author of Rebellious and Contrary: The Glasgow Dockers c.1853 to 1932 (East Linton, Tuckwell Press, 2000). He was co-editor of The Roots of Red Clydeside 1910 to 1914?: Labour and Industrial Unrest in West Scotland (Edinburgh, John Donald, 1996).

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