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Reagan and Thatcher's Special Relationship

Latin America and Anglo-American Relations

Sally-Ann Treharne

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A unique insight into one of the most controversial political relationships in recent history

The Falklands War, the US invasion of Grenada, the Anglo-Guatemalan dispute over Belize and the US involvement in Nicaragua – in the 1980s, these crises threatened to overwhelm a renewal in US–UK relations. US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s efforts to normalise relations, during and after these crises, reveal a mutual desire to strengthen Anglo-American ties and safeguard individual foreign policy objectives. At the same time, they cultivated a close political and personal bond that lasted well beyond their terms in office.

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1. The 1970s: A Decline in Anglo-American Specialness and US–UK Relations with Latin America
2. The Special Relationship and the Falklands War
3. Friend or Foe? The US Invades Grenada
4. Vested Interests: US Involvement in the Anglo-Guatemalan Dispute
5. Nicaragua: The Allies Stand Together
Appendix: Interviewees
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About the Author

Sally-Ann Treharne is Lecturer in the School of History/European Studies in University College Cork, NUI. A former Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow, she has a PhD in History along with an MA in International Relations and a BA in European Integration Studies/Italian. Her research lies in the field of contemporary history with a particular emphasis on the Reagan-Thatcher relationship and Anglo-American relations with Latin America.

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