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Raymond Bellour

Cinema and the Moving Image

Hilary Radner, Alistair Fox

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A comprehensive study of Raymond Bellour, one of the most important foundational theorists of Film Studies

One of the most influential figures in French film philosophy, Raymond Bellour’s interests range across cinema, art, literature and philosophy, and his work sits at the critical juncture between the cinematic experience in the period of classical cinema to the new forms of spectatorship ushered in by digital media in the 21st century. With a succinct account of Bellour’s oeuvre, this book provides a generous introduction to his ideas on cinema, an annotated bibliography of his work, and a six-chapter translation of a substantial and wide-ranging interview previously unavailable in English. Providing a clear, systematic account of the evolution of Bellour’s thought on the nature of cinematic representation, the impact of digital technology and the response of the spectator, this is an essential guide to the work of a major contemporary thinker.

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Introduction: Cinema and Its Discontents: The Place of Raymond Bellour in Film Theory from the Twentieth to the Twenty-first Century, by Hilary Radner

PART ONE: Raymond Bellour: Cinema and the Moving Image, by Hilary Radner

Chapter One. Film Analysis: Image and Movement
Chapter Two. The Digital Challenge: From the Theater to the Gallery
Chapter Three. Cinema and the Body: The Ghost in the Theater
Chapter Four. An Elegy for Cinema

PART TWO: Bellour by Bellour: Selections from an Interview with Raymond Bellour. Conducted by Gabriel Bortzmeyer and Alice LeRoy in December 2015. Translated and Edited by Alistair Fox

Chapter Five. Formative Influences
Chapter Six. Film Analysis and the Symbolic
Chapter Seven. Thierry Kuntzel and the Rise of Video Art
Chapter Eight. Arrested Images and "the Between-Images"
Chapter Nine. Spectators, Dispositifs, and the Cinematic Body
Chapter Ten. Hypnosis, Emotions, and Animality

PART THREE: Biography and Publications of Raymond Bellour, by Alistair Fox

Raymond Bellour: A Biographical Sketch
A Select Annotated Bibliography of the Publications of Raymond Bellour

Select List of Sources Cited

About the Author

Hilary Radner is Emeritus Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Otago. She is the author of three monographs that form a trilogy addressing the formation of feminine identity at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century: Shopping Around: Consumer Culture and the Pursuit of Pleasure (Routledge, 1995), Neo-Feminist Cinema: Girly Films, Chick Flicks and Consumer Culture (Routledge, 2011), and The New Woman’s Film: Femme-centric Movies for Smart Chicks (Routledge, 2017). Her publications also include six co-edited volumes, notably A Companion to Contemporary French Cinema (2015).

Alistair Fox is Emeritus Professor at the University of Otago. He has published widely on topics in both literature and cinema, and most recently is the author of Jane Campion: Authorship and Personal Cinema (2011), Speaking Pictures: Neuropsychoanalysis and Authorship in Film and Literature (2016), and Coming of Age Cinema in New Zealand (EUP, 2017).


Cinema and the Moving Image is a timely appreciation of Raymond Bellour, seminal critic and writer who has defined the art of film theory and analysis. Radner's meticulous study of the evolution of Bellour's style and manner that includes his embrace of classical cinema, video art and mixed media gives way to a hitherto untranslated interview in which Bellour discusses a gamut of his writings. Rounded out by Alistair Fox's biography and bibliography, the book is an invaluable contribution to film studies and a point of reference for work in literature and visual media.

- Professor Tom Conley, Harvard University

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