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Raymond Aron's Philosophy of Political Responsibility

Freedom, Democracy and National Identity

Christopher Adair-Toteff

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An illuminating account of Raymond Aron’s political philosophy and its enduring relevance today

Raymond Aron made major investigations into the dialectic between war and peace, and also developed a sophisticated theory of international relations. Despite this, his body of work has been overlooked compared to that of his more famous contemporaries. This book shines a light on both the man and his work on ideological critique, the philosophy of history, international relations and political economy. The book also discusses Aron’s political legacy and argues that a number of his critiques and theories can help us address many of the problems and conflicts of the 21st century.

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1. On History
2. On Weber
3. On Clausewitz
4. On War
5. On Peace
6. On Ideology and Totalitarianism
7. On Freedom
8. Aron’s Legacy

About the Author

Christopher Adair-Toteff is a philosopher and social theorist. Before retiring he held numerous teaching and research positions at universities including Mississippi State University, the University of South Florida, Sofia University, Zeppelin Universität and the University of Kent. He is the author of Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion (2016), Fundamental Concepts in Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion (AIAA, 2015) and Sociological Beginnings: The First Conference of the German Society for Sociology (University of Chicago Press, 2012). He is editor of The Anthem Companion to Ernst Troeltsch (Anthem Press, 2018), The Anthem Companion to Ferdinand Tönnies (Anthem Press, 2016) and co-editor with Stephen Turner of The Calling of Social Thought: Rediscovering the Work of Edward Shils (Manchester University Press, 2019).

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