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Rancière and Literature

Edited by Grace Hellyer, Julian Murphet

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Analyses and contextualises the concepts that underpin Rancière’s thought on literature, scrutinising his interpretations of particular works

This collection of 13 original essays engages with Rancière’s accounts of literature from across his work, putting his conceptual apparatus to work in acts of literary criticism. From his archival investigations of the literary efforts of 19th-century workers to his engagements with specific novelists and poets, and from his concept of 'literarity' to his central positioning of the novel in his account of the three 'regimes' of literary practice, this collection unearths, consolidates, evaluates and critiques Rancière's work on and with literature.

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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Rancière and Literature
Julian Murphet and Grace Hellyer

Section I: Coordinates

1. Fictions of Time
Jacques Rancière

2. Jacques Rancière in the Forest of Signs: Indiscipline, Figurality and Translation
Eric Méchoulan

3. Rancière and Tragedy
Oliver Feltham

4. Rancière Lost: On John Milton and Aesthetics
Justin Clemens

5. ‘A New Mode of the Existence of Truth’: Rancière and the Beginnings of Modernity 1780–1830
Andrew Gibson

Section II: Realisms

6. The Novelist and Her Poor: Nineteenth-Century Character Dynamics
Elaine Freedgood 

7. ‘Broiled in Hell-fire’: Melville, Rancière and the Heresy of Literarity
Grace Hellyer

8. Why Maggie Tulliver Had To Be Killed
Emily Steinlight

9. The Meaning in the Detail: Literature and the Detritus of the Nineteenth Century in Jacques Rancière and Walter Benjamin
Alison Ross

Section III: Contemporaneities

10. Ineluctable Modality of the Sensible: Poverty and Form in Ulysses
Julian Murphet

11. The Politics of Realism in Rancière and Houellebecq
Arne De Boever

12. Literature, Politics and Action
Bert Olivier


About the Author

Grace Hellyer Grace Hellyer has a PhD from the University of New South Wales.

Julian Murphet is Scientia Professor in English and Film Studies at UNSW Australia. He is the author of Literature and Race in Los Angeles (2001), Multimedia Modernism (2009), and the forthcoming Faulkner’s Media Romance. He has co-edited a number of collections, including Rancière and Literature (2016), Faulkner in the Media Ecology (2015), and Modernism and Masculinity (2014), and co-edits the journal Affirmations: of the modern.

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