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R. D. Laing

Gavin Miller


R. D. Laing (1927-1989) was Scotland's most famous public intellectual. His revolutionary challenges to conventional psychiatry were read by millions across the world. When he died, there were memorial services in London and New York, but in his native Scotland, his contribution to intellectual culture is largely forgotten.

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Chapter One: Life
Chapter Two: Anti-Psychiatry
Chapter Three: Work and Ideas
Chapter Four: John Macmurray and the Divided Self
Chapter Five: Scottish Psychoanalysis
Chapter Six: Critical Psychiatry
Index of Names.

About the Author

Gavin Miller is a Research Fellow in the Centre for the History of Ideas in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh.


Miller provides an incisive and persuasive case for re-assessing Laing as a major public intellectual in twentieth-century Scotland … Miller's book is short, accessible but very rich.
As an introduction to Laing ... the book provides a reliable and informed guide to the concepts and issues that continue to drive the debate on the dominance of the biological model in the treatment of mental disorder.
- History of Psychiatry