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Quentin Meillassoux

Philosophy in the Making

Graham Harman

Edition: 2

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An in-depth study of the emerging French philosopher Quentin Meillassoux

Freshly called to a professorship at the Sorbonne, and described as the fastest-rising French philosopher since Derrida, Meillassoux's star has continued to rise. This expanded edition of the only book on Meillassoux remains the best introduction to one of Europe's most promising thinkers.

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1. After Finitude
2. The English Articles
3. The Number and the Siren
4. The Divine Inexistence
5. Reflections on Meillassoux’s Non-Euclidean
6. Interview with Quentin Meillassoux (August 2010)
Appendix: Excerpts from L'Inexistence divine

About the Author

Graham Harman is Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy at Southern California Institute of Architecture (on leave from the American University in Cairo). His previous books include Tool-Being (2002), Guerrilla Metaphysics (2005), Heidegger Explained (2007), Prince of Networks (2009), Towards Speculative Realism (2010), Circus Philosophicus (2010), L'Objet quadruple (2010), and The Prince and the Wolf [with Bruno Latour and Peter Erdélyi] (2011).


Quentin Meillassoux's entry into the philosophical scene marks the beginning of a new epoch: the end of the transcendental approach and the return to realist ontology. Harman's beautifully written and argued book provides not just an introduction to Meillassoux, but much more: one authentic philosopher writing about another - a rare true encounter. It is not only for those who want to understand Meillassoux, but also for those who want to witness a radical shift in the entire field of philosophy. It is a book that will shake the very foundations of your world!

- Slavoj Žižek, philosopher and psychoanalyst


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