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Quantifying Archaeology

Stephen Shennan

Edition: 2

The second edition of this popular texbook introduces archaeology students to the use of statistics in their subject. Based on the author's long-running undergraduate course, it explains the relevant areas of statistics in terms that archaeology students can easily assimilate. This new edition includes a wider range of topics presented in greater depth, reflecting the subject's growing importance within archaeology.


Shennan's book is clearly one of the most comprehensive, even readable, introductions tostatistical methods as they are applied to archaeology.
This is a satisfying book that I would recommend to undergraduate students and professionalarchaeologists alike.
- Andy Boddington, Royal Archaeological Institute
This is a book that will be invaluable to those undergraduates and researchers looking for an up-to-date guide to the use of numerical methods in archaeology.
- A M Pollard

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