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Public Violence in Islamic Societies

Power, Discipline, and the Construction of the Public Sphere, 7th-19th Centuries CE

Edited by Christian Lange, Maribel Fierro

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This exploration of the role of violence in the history of Islamic societies considers the subject particularly in the context of its implementation as a political strategy to claim power over the public sphere.

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Introduction: Spatial, Ritual and Representational Aspects of Public Violence in Islamic Societies (7th-19th Centuries CE)
Part I: Public Violence and the construction of the public sphere
1. The Case of Ja'd b. Dirham and the Punishment of Heretics in the Early Caliphate, Gerald Hawting
2. Qadis and the Political Use of the Mazalim Jurisdiction under the Abbasids, Mathieu Tillier
3. The Fatimids (297-567/909-1171): From Revolutionary Violence to State Violence, Yaacov Lev
4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Reactions to Lampoons and Abusive Poetry in Medieval Arabic Society, Zoltan Szombathy
Part II: Ritual Dimensions of Violence
5. Reveal or Conceal: Public Humiliation and Banishment as Punishments in Early Islamic Times, Everett Rowson
6. Emulating Abraham: The Fatimid al-Qa'im and the Umayyad 'Abd al-Rahman III, Maribel Fierro
7. Where on Earth is Hell? State Punishment and Eschatology in the Islamic Middle Period, Christian Lange
8. Justice, Crime and Punishment in Eleventh/Seventeenth-Century Morocco, Fernando Rodriguez Mediano
Part III: Representations of Public Violence
9. Responses to Crucifixion in the Islamic World (1st-7th/7th-13th Centuries), Tilman Seidensticker
10. Public Violence and the Prince: The Case of the Aghlabid Amir Ibrahim II (261-89/875-902), Annliese Nef
11. Concepts of Justice and the Catalogue of Punishments under the Sultans of Delhi (7th-8th/13th-14th Centuries), Blain Auer
12. Public Violence, State Legitimacy: The Iqamat al-hudud and the Sacred State, Robert Gleave
13. Violence in Islamic Societies through the Eyes of Non-Muslim Travellers: Morocco in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, Manuela Marin.

About the Author

Christian Lange is Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He is author of Justice, Punishment and the Medieval Muslim Imagination (2008) and co-editor (with Maribel Fierro) of Public Violence in Islamic Societies: Power, Discipline and the Construction of the Public Sphere, 7th-19th Centuries (EUP, 2009).

Maribel Fierro is Research Professor at the Center of Human and Social Sciences - Higher Council for Scientific Research (Spain). Her main areas of interest are Islamic law and religion, and the history of the Islamic West. She is the author of Abd al-Rahman III, The first Cordoban caliph (Oneworld, 2005) and the co-editor of Los almohades: problemas y perspectivas (Madrid: CSIC / Casa de Velázquez, 2005). She is sectorial editor (Religious Sciences) of the third edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam.