Public Debate in Russia

Matters of (Dis)order

Edited by Nikolai Vakhtin, Boris Firsov

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An interdisciplinary study of Russian public debate past and present

Can we trace attempts taken in Russian history to overcome the inability to speak publicly? How do different social groups in modern Russia cope with situations when they have to participate in a public discussion and arrive at a compromise? What historic, sociological, linguistic, and psychological reasons underlie intolerance towards different opinions? Can this situation be changed?

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Introduction: Nikolai Vakhtin, Boris Firsov

Chapter 1: The discourse of argumentation in totalitarian language and post-Soviet communication failures, Nikolai Vakhtin

Chapter 2: Russian and Newspeak: between Myth and Reality, Maxim Krongauz

Chapter 3: ‘A Society that Speaks Concordantly’ or Mechanisms of Communication of Government and Society in Old and New Russia, Dmitrii Kalugin

Chapter 4: Legal Literature ‘for the People’ and the Use of Language (Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century), Michel Tissier

Chapter 5: ‘How to Write to the Newspapers’: Language and Power at the Birth of Soviet Public Language, Catriona Kelly

Chapter 6:The Rhetoric of the Social(ist) Meeting in Literature and Cinema, Valerii V’iugin

Chapter 7: Was Official Discourse Hegemonic? Boris Firsov

Chapter 8: Attempts to overcome ‘public aphasia’: an analysis of public discussions in Russia at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Boris Gladarev

Chapter 9: Allotment Associations in Search of a New Meaning, Alexandra Kasatkina

Chapter 10: ‘Distances of Vast Dimensions...’: Official versus Public Language (material from meetings of the organising committees of mass meetings and events, January–February 2012), Kapitolina Fedorova

Chapter 11: Insides made public: Talking publicly about personal in post-Soviet media culture (the example of the Fashion Verdict programme), Juliia Lerner, Klavdiia Zbenovich

Chapter 12: Distorted Speech and Aphasia in Satirical Counter-discourse: Oleg Kozyrev’s Internet Videos ‘Rulitiki’, Lara Ryazanova-Clarke

Chapter 13: The Past and Future of Russian Public Language, Oleg Kharkhordin

About the Authors

Nikolai Vakhtin is University Professor of Arctic Social Studies at the European University, St Petersburg.

Boris Firsov is Researcher Emeritus at the European University, St Petersburg.

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