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Product Development in Islamic Banks

Habib Ahmed

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Examines the processes and issues involved in developing Islamic financial products for banks

Islamic banking began in the 1970s with the aim of providing financial services compatible with Islamic law. Driven by market forces it has grown rapidly in Muslim countries and in international financial sectors. It is projected to grow at an annual rate of 15-20% and a key factor determining this future growth is the availability of new products that will satisfy the needs of various segments of society.

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List of Abbreviations
Note on Arabic Terms and Veneration
1. Introduction
2. Islamic Law and Finance: Concepts and Principles
3. Islamic Banking: Institutional Environment, Organizational Design and Product Features
4. Innovation and Product Development: Strategy, Structure and Process
5. Product Development Practices in Islamic Banks
6. Islamic Financial Products: Categories and Controversies
7. Shari'ah Based Islamic Finance: The Way Forward
Glossary of Arabic Words

About the Author

Habib Ahmed is the ‘Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law and Finance’ at Durham University. Prior to joining Durham University in August 2008, he worked at the National Commercial Bank and Islamic Development Bank (IRTI) in Saudi Arabia and taught at the University of Connecticut, National University of Singapore, and University of Bahrain.

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