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Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts

Edited by Hazel Smith, Roger T. Dean

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This book addresses one of the most exciting and innovative developments within higher education: the rise in prominence of the creative arts and the accelerating recognition that creative practice is a form of research.

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1. Practice-led research, Research-led practice: towards the Iterative Cyclic Web, Hazel Smith and Roger T. Dean
Section I: Methodologies of Practice-led research and Research-led practice
2. Making Space: The Purpose and Place of Practice-led Research, Graeme Sullivan
3. New Media: the 'First Word' in Art?, Simon Biggs

4. Knowledge Unspoken: Contemporary Dance and the Cycle of Practice-led Research, Basic and Applied Research, and Research-led Practice, Shirley McKechnie and Catherine Stevens
5. Practice as Research through Performance, Baz Kershaw
6. Beach combing: a fossicker's guide to whiteness and indigenous sovereignty, Anne Brewster
Section II: Case Histories
7. Integrating Creative Practice and Research in the Digital Media Arts, Andrew R. Brown and Andrew Sorensen
8. Mariposa: The story of new work of research/creation, taking shape, taking flight, Kathleen Vaughan
9. Sustaining The Sustainable? Developing a practice and problem-led New Media Praxis, Keith Armstrong

10. Nightmares in the Engine Room, Jane Goodall
Section III: Creative Practice and Research in Education and Politics
11. Acquiring Know-How: Research Training for Practice-led Researchers, Brad Haseman and Daniel Mafe
12. Asking questions of art: higher education, research and creative practice, Judith Mottram
13. The Academic Mode of Production, Sharon Bell

About the Author

Hazel Smith is a Research Professor in the Writing and Society Research Group at the University of Western Sydney. She is author of The Writing Experiment: strategies for innovative creative writing (2005( and Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O'Hara (2000). Hazel is also a widely published writer, performer and new media artist. Her latest volume,The Erotics of Geography, 2008, is accompanied by a CD-Rom of works with Roger Dean.

Roger Dean is a Research Professor in the MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney. He has published five books on improvisation, and is a former university president and medical research institute director. A composer-improviser, he is the founder and director of the sound and intermedia ensemble austraLYSIS, of which Hazel is also a member.

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